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One Stop Hygiene Shop is one of the best platforms to buy health and hygiene products while spending within the range of your pocket. Sitting in the comfort zone of your house, you can easily explore and choose from a wide range of commercial, domestic, kitchen, bathroom, hospital cleaning products, etc. One Stop Hygiene Shop, now the bulk suppliers, is readily available to assist you in matters concerned to hygiene.

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Hygiene has always been a top priority, but 2020 has taught us that is more important in the modern era than ever before. The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt around the world and for businesses to keep their doors open it is vital they remain compliant with health and safety regulations. We help your worksite keep in line with these priorities, providing all the hand hygiene products you and your customers require.

Businesses need to supply their customers with high-quality hygiene products like hand sanitisers and sprays to stop the transmission of COVID-19, among other bugs and illnesses. One Stop Hygiene provides all of these hand hygiene products in a central hub so that your business can remain compliant, ensure your visitors are safeguarded and your doors can always remain open.

Additional Cleaning Products

All the Hygiene Services and Products Your Business Needs

Hygiene Services

Includes signage to catch the eye of your customers and ensure they are aware they need to clean their hands before entering, while the bottle is easily refillable so that it will be ready to go at any hour of the day.

Bottle Sanitation Stations

Hygiene Services

Puts a non-obtrusive barrier between you and your visitors to protect against droplets while still being able to provide a positive customer service experience. And One Stop Hygiene has all of your other needs covered, including replacement sanitiser bottles, perspex sheets, rubbing alcohol, anti-viral disinfection services, stickers and much more.

Sneeze Guard Screens

Now, Sanitiser starts from $12

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As a Hygiene Service Provider, We Help You Adapt To The New Normal

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic fades into the background, it is unlikely we will go back to the “old way” of doing things. Hygiene will remain a priority and measures put in place will remain in place to protect customers from all other viruses and bugs.
Preparing your business for operating during the pandemic also means you are planning for the future. Fulfil your compliance measures and social obligation to assist all of your customers and ensure that everyone is safe while they are on your premises, all through our sanitary services.

Touchless Hand Sanitiser Devices

Hand cleaning stations like this make it simple for customers to clean their hands when they enter your workplace. Upon entry, the sensor will detect their hands and spray the sanitiser on evenly. By simplifying this process, it makes it easier to ensure every customer is making use of these measures.

Touchless Hand Sanitiser Devices

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