A COVID-safe future: hygienic measures that are here to stay

Jan 11 , 2021

A COVID-safe future: hygienic measures that are here to stay

The global coronavirus pandemic in 2020 changed the way we operate in both our social and professional lives following lockdown procedures - and many of these measures will stay in place long after COVID-19 is gone.

A new normal will settle into a place where people are still able to travel, dine out, celebrate occasions and milestones and attend events, but will still need to do their best towards helping stop the spread of various illnesses and infections.

Businesses need to be aware of this reworked way of life and work and ensure they have the right measures in place beyond the world of COVID-190.

Signage to encourage physical distancing

The easing of restrictions means that we can now enjoy our favourite restaurants, shopping experiences and hotspots again, but there are still limitations in place, in comparison to the “old world”. For example, most outlets still have capped numbers of people allowed in each venue, typically based on floor space. Meanwhile, we are still asked to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between each other wherever possible.


A COVID-safe future: hygienic measures that are here to stay These measures may be removed from legislation in the future, but it is highly likely that many businesses will continue these practices to provide a safe environment for their customers beyond these easings. Why? Because at the end of the day, these practices prevent other illnesses from spreading as well. 


Social distancing floor and door stickers – as well as signage – is a great way to encourage maintaining a safe distance for patrons visiting any kind of site, and with business caps likely to be around for the near future, they’re the perfect option to incorporate this into your own location.

Improve hygiene measures and supplied products in businesses

Have our hands ever been cleaner? The introduction of hand sanitiser and constant messaging to wash them appropriately and using the right techniques, means we have a cleaner society as a whole (or at least a more educated one around cleanliness). These kinds of measures also encourage the world to do their part towards stopping the spread of COVID-19, but we are also reducing other illnesses like the common cold and flu – which can only be a good thing.

The use of sanitiser and hand-washing stations will transcend COVID-19 safety plans and just become part of regular health and safety practice. For most businesses, they’ll be another staple – just like EFTPOS machines and price tags.

New technologies to improve hygiene and monitor illnesses

As part of the more hygienic future of businesses, new innovations and technologies will become available that will assist in ensuring cleanliness, without hampering business operations.

While we want to ensure that our customers aren’t spreading or contracting an illness at our premises, we don't want to create bottlenecks either. Long queues are never a good thing, so having patrons stop to sign in or get their temperature checked is not exactly ideal. For the future, innovations such as touchless sanitiser that includes a temperature measurement could be the answer. This is the first of its kind in Australia and helps to streamline the safety processes by rolling two safety steps into one. And that’s always a win.

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