Optimising wayfinding with decals and traffic flow signage

Jan 11 , 2021

Optimising wayfinding with decals and traffic flow signage

The business world changed in 2020; there’s no doubt about it. The global pandemic first meant mass closures and then a range of restrictions and safety measures that we were required to adopt in order to open our doors to customers again.


Many of these measures are here to stay, for the immediate future anyway, including:

  • capped numbers of people in stores;
  • hygiene methods like hand sanitisation and washing stations;
  • traffic control in businesses to ensure 1.5 metres in distance; and
  • proper social distancing methods.
 Optimising wayfinding with decals and traffic flow signage


    This is great for businesses because it means that we can keep our doors open and trade during the pandemic while ensuring that our customers are kept safe from possible infection,. However, these circumstances can also pose problems. Without the proper signage and social distancing floor stickers, customers can become confused about which entrances and exits to use. Then there’s also trying to work out how foot traffic should flow, and where you can or can’t walk. The result is often frustration, which is something you always want to avoid for your customers.

    Create a seamless customer experience using signage and stickers


    Optimising wayfinding with decals and traffic flow signage To ensure these hiccups are kept to a minimum, it’s essential to have clear door decalsfloor stickers, service signage and entrance and exit stickers in the works. This will help guide your visitors through different areas of your business – safely and effectively.


    But beyond these basics, these kinds of products can also optimise your work in a variety of other beneficial ways, including:

    Capturing attention: We live in a busy world. You can relay the importance of physical distancing verbally, on your website and through your social media channels, but you won’t always reach everyone. People have become conditioned to signage, and these bright, attractive options are likely to catch their attention when physically visiting your location.

    They look professional: We already have a wide range of signs that we use in our businesses and in society in general – be it professional options or those that direct customers through various areas of a given site (think emergency exits or toilets). However, hand-written signage for COVID-19 measures won’t cut it, so we recommend opting for clear and concise options that have been professionally crafted for the best possible impact. 

    Entirely removable: We don't know how long the global pandemic will last or how long restrictions will be part of our daily life. However, it’s fairly certain that physical distancing and foot traffic measures are going to be around for a little while to come. When this does finally happen, these stickers can be easily removed without leaving marks or damaging floors, windows or doors.

    Browse the full range of removable safety stickers available through One Stop Hygiene to ensure your business is on track to remaining compliant and keeps customers free from fluster and confusion.