The Art of Healthy Living

Sep 21 , 2021

The Art of Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living

“A Healthy Inside Starts From The Outside''

"The Art of Healthy Living" aims to help an individual to achieve better intellectual, substantial and poignant health every day. The Art of Healthy Living means a psychological & anatomical Approach to Inherent and Peripheral Harmony.

Essential Hygiene:

Hygiene is an array of manners performed to perpetuate fettle. "Hygiene invokes conditions that help to maintain the escalation of diseases."
Personal healthful living refers to maintaining the body's cleanliness. Hygiene activities can be clubbed into the consecutives : home and everyday hygiene, personal hygiene, sleep hygiene and food hygiene. Home and everyday hygiene includes hand washing, inhalation hygiene, comestible & kitchenette hygiene, hygiene in the restrooms & laundry rooms at homes & hospitals.

Many people associate hygiene with 'cleanliness,' but hygiene is a broader terminology. It includes such intimate customs as how intermittently to take a shower, wash hands, trim fingernails, and wash clothes. It also consists of considerations of keeping the surroundings neat and tidy at home and workplace, including restroom facilities.
Hygiene is an approach affiliated to tidiness and well-being. It is related to self and professional care practices, as well. In mundane life ambience, hygiene practices are employed to avoid and diminish the frequency and growing of diseases.


Sterilization demolishes all the bacterias, viruses, parasites and diseases on the surface to prevent disease transmission.

Methods Of Sterilization:

 Given underneath are the methods of Sterilization like Physical Methods, Mechanical Methods and Chemical Methods.
Physical Methods include drying, heating, radiating and ultrasonic waves. Filtration lies under Mechanical Method.
Chemical Methods include alcohol, aldehydes, phenols, halogens, sanitizers, oxidizing agents, laundry liquid,washing detergent, hand wash, alcohol wipes, disinfect sprays and many more.

The Art of Healthy Living


Hand Hygiene:

Hand hygiene, basically known as hand washing, is the act of cleaning one's hands with soap and water. We wash our hands to remove viruses, bacterias, dirt, grease, or any other injurious and harmful substances plunged in our hands.




● Cleanliness:

The significance of cleanliness in our lives cannot be repudiated. Prolonging a clean environment is for the health of all humans, as their health is completely dependent on the atmosphere. A bad environment is blameworthy for disfiguring the health of the people around. Dirt and disease go hand in hand. Covid-19 has changed the pace to the new normal in which we wear masks to cover our mouth and sanitize our hands very frequently. Though we have never been so indulged in keeping ourselves neat and tidy, Covid-19 has taught us to keep ourselves and our surrounding infection free.

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Hygiene is related to the hygienic measures that minimizes and prevents the spread of diseases at home and other prosaic environments such as civic and communal, public transport, the workplaces, etc. Hygiene in a variety of settings plays an important role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and to prevent the spread, One Stop,  offers antivirus products, hand hygiene, commercial cleaning products, cleaning equipment products, restroom cleaning material, sanitisers, cafe & restaurant cleaning products, wipes, dining napkins and many more necessities for everyday use.