How do I refill it?
Answer :
Anyone can refill the Automatic Sanitiser, it’s simple, easy and mess free. You just need to unlock and open the door at an angle, uncap the bottle lid and then refill.
Do you provide the sanitiser solution or do I use my own sanitiser solution?
Answer :
Yes, we provide the sanitiser solution.
What are compatible batteries?
Answer :
The batteries compatible with the Automatic Sanitiser are 4 x standard C size. Approximately 30,000 shots per battery loadout to help minimise the amount of workload for your team. Just like refilling, they are super easy to change. Just unlock the door and pull the door down to a 90-degree angle, remove the battery cover and replace depleted batteries, replace the battery cover and close the door. Now you’re ready to power up! Note: Batteries not included.
How do I change the graphic?
Answer :
All Automatic Sanitisers come with a removable, interchangeable magnetic graphic. You have to locate the underside access hole, peel back the graphic and remove/replace as desired. We have created a downloadable template so you can create your own artwork and print or you can contact us for customised artwork created for your brand.
How long does it take to manufacture and how long for delivery?
Answer :
We have stock available now. Delivery will be organised immediately after receiving the order.
How do I install my Automatic Sanitiser?
It is currently designed to be wall-mounted, placed on a counter or on the floor stand.
  • 1. Counter or Flat Surface: All you have to do is load up your Automatic Sanitiser with solution and batteries, and it is ready to go to be placed on a counter.

  • 2. Wall mount: The back of the unit has four keyhole slots (12mm) that allow the unit to slot over screws that would be mounted into the wall. For a more secure option, there are additional locking holes for additional two screws. The wall type will determine whether you need screws, wall plugs or wall anchors.

  • 3. Floor Stand: The floor stand is an extension to the counter/wall unit which comes in two parts with six screws. It can be purchased together or added later. Full instruction pack located here for all methods and is included inside the box when purchased.
  • What is the warranty on your product?
    We have a 12 month warranty from the time of delivery on Automatic Sanitiser counter and floor stand products.