FAQs – How we safeguard your premises through sanitisers

Where is your shop located?
Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, however, our products are only sold online. Please browse through our website to see the range we have on offer.
What is the delivery time?
All of the products we have listed on our website are currently in stock. This means we are able to ship them out to you the very next day after your order is received. Please allow time from this point, for the product to reach your doorstep.
Can I add my logo on the touchless dispenser or a bottle sanitiser station?
Yes, we are happy to customise the products to suit your specific needs or branding requirements. Custom branding is charged at an additional fee of $50.00, which includes design and printing. Please note that opting for customised branding on your product will mean an extra two days will need to be added to the process before we can dispatch your order.
Where are your products made?
All of our products are made in Melbourne, except the touchless dispensers. These are manufactured in China, but the stands are crafted right here in Melbourne.
Is your sanitiser safe to use?
Our sanitisers and disinfectants sare TGA-approved and completely safe to use. The formula consists of 70% alcohol, which can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
What is the warranty on your product?
We have a 12 month warranty from the time of delivery on Automatic Sanitiser counter and floor stand products.
Do you have to use gel or liquid sanitiser with the touchless?
You can use both, but we recommend liquid. We also send our liquid option out by default, as it is sprayed evenly on the hands, whereas gel is dispensed as a drop.
Who do you use for deliveries?
We deliver and install our products all over the Melbourne Metro region. We do this using our own team, while deliveries are organised our courier partner, Interparcel. All orders are fully tracked and insured.
Do you offer a discount on the bulk orders?
Yes, we are happy to offer our customers a special price for larger orders. Please contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your options.
How stable is the touchless dispenser when mounted on the stand?
The design is made with a steel powder-coated base and carefully engineered and manufactured in Melbourne. As they are heavy and wide enough to sit sturdily on the ground, they are not easy for children to push around or tilt. However, they can be moved from one location to another when needed. sturdy on the ground so that it is not easily tilted by a child or a gentle push.
Do you deliver outside of Australia?
Yes, we can deliver outside Australia. However, we are unable to internationally ship any chemicals.
How do I refill it?
Anyone can refill the Automatic Sanitiser, it’s simple, easy and mess free. You just need to unlock and open the door at an angle, uncap the bottle lid and then refill.
What are compatible batteries?
The batteries compatible with the Automatic Sanitiser are 4 x standard C size. Approximately 30,000 shots per battery loadout to help minimise the amount of workload for your team. Just like refilling, they are super easy to change. Just unlock the door and pull the door down to a 90-degree angle, remove the battery cover and replace depleted batteries, replace the battery cover and close the door. Now you’re ready to power up! Note: Batteries not included.
How do I change the graphic?
All Automatic Sanitisers come with a removable, interchangeable magnetic graphic. You have to locate the underside access hole, peel back the graphic and remove/replace as desired. We have created a downloadable template so you can create your own artwork and print or you can contact us for customised artwork created for your brand.
How long does it take to manufacture and how long for delivery?
We have stock available now. Delivery will be organised immediately after receiving the order.
How do I install my Automatic Sanitiser?
It is currently designed to be wall-mounted, placed on a counter or on the floor stand.
  • 1. Counter or Flat Surface: All you have to do is load up your Automatic Sanitiser with solution and batteries, and it is ready to go to be placed on a counter.

  • 2. Wall mount: The back of the unit has four keyhole slots (12mm) that allow the unit to slot over screws that would be mounted into the wall. For a more secure option, there are additional locking holes for additional two screws. The wall type will determine whether you need screws, wall plugs or wall anchors.

  • 3. Floor Stand: The floor stand is an extension to the counter/wall unit which comes in two parts with six screws. It can be purchased together or added later. Full instruction pack located here for all methods and is included inside the box when purchased.
  • What is the warranty on the touchless dispenser?
    Our warranty period covers 12 months when you also use our sanitisers.