Temperature Measuring Sanitiser Dispenser

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An efficient heat checking and sanitation solution

The TF88 series temperature measurement and disinfection station is a product specially designed for epidemic prevention and heat measuring in industry applications. It is positioned as a high-end device; and it aims to solve the problem of the existing measurement equipment in the government, large enterprises, luxury hotels, campus, hospitals, large exhibitions, and retail industries. The dispenser acts as a hand disinfection station, with two configurations of stainless steel and aluminum profiles, to meet the needs of customers in different use scenarios.

The product is an efficient option that ensures health recommendations are carried out before visitors enter a space, reducing the potential for closures. Time spent at the station is regulated by the device’s automated sensors, cutting down on congestion at entrances. The result is a steady, safe flow of foot traffic, ready for business.

Simple, contactless hygiene

Movement in public is a consideration that features in all health and safety scenarios. The events of 2020 have brought more awareness to this aspect, for which the TF88’s design offers a simple way to maintain motion while undergoing sanitation. Before entering any retail, governmental, or educational setting, the technology facilitates assessment and cleanliness, providing peace of mind to visitors and staff alike.

One Stop is pleased to offer this tool to Australian businesses and institutes as a user-friendly no-contact hand sanitiser dispenser. This acts as a first line of defense for all interiors.

Easily refilled with liquid or gel, the outflow adjustment and product features provide an all-in-one sanitisation option that we proudly bring to the most visited spaces across the continent. If you'd like to find out more about the tool’s function and capabilities, don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call through to our offices.

Comes With Battery Yes
Raw Material Stainless Material
Use Environment Indoor
Top Cover Design Traditional physical key
Battery Installation Inside of Dispenser

How to use Temperature Measuring Sanitiser Dispenser


Product Positioning:

  • High-end market disinfection equipment
  • Only used for hand disinfection during rapid temperature measurement
  • Power on, plug and play

Product Highlights:

  • Temperature Display
  • No Washing Disinfection
  • Outflow Adjustment
  • Changeable Base

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